The scrap metal industry is booming as more and more people see recycling as more than just scrap metal pricesa way to save the earth but as a way to put a little extra cash in their pockets, and even then they want to be able to get the most for their time.  Scrap metal prices can vary depending on who you deal with.  So, Stop thinking “What’s my scrap metal worth?” And let’s find out!

Who is Southern Resources?

Southern Resources has been a family owned business based in Charlotte, NC that has held to the highest standards of excellence since it opened in 1992 and views its customers as valuable business partners.  It cares about the impact humanity has made on the environment and recycles up to thirty-three different types of base metals.

How do their scrap metal prices compare with the national average?

At Southern Resources they endeavor to give you top dollar for your aluminum, copper, brass, iron, steel, lead and zinc and much more.  When you compare prices you realize just how good a deal you are getting by the weight of that extra cash in your pocket.

  • On the national average aluminum pipes can fetch you maybe fifty-two cents a pound whereas at Southern Resources you will get a couple of cents more, and at fifty-five cents a pound it can add up.
  • Every environmentally conscious person knows the value of collecting scrap metalaluminum cans for recycling and adding extra funds to their bank accounts.  The local average one can earn per pound is three cents over the national average of forty-seven cents.
  • Old copper and brass can fetch you a pretty penny and with Southern Resources you can make up to fifteen cents more than the national average.
  • There are no national scrap metal prices listed for metals like lead and zinc, but at Southern Resources you can make up to twenty-eight cents per pound for zinc and forty cents per pound for lead.

Going local can be beneficial.

For questions and comparisons to determine the top scrap metal prices visit the Southern Resources website at

Are you getting the most money and the best scrap metal prices for your time?