We know you’ve seen those laughable television commercials advertising cash for gold schemes. You know, the ones created using early 1990s recording technology, stock photo reels and cheesy motivational speaker-esque techno music. They generally feature an extremely crooked looking spokesman in an ill-fitting suit who expects you to mail your great grandmother’s prized jewels in a flimsy manila envelope in exchange for “real cash” at some undefined point in the future. You’ve probably snickered to yourself, pitying the poor fools desperate enough to fall for such scams. However, deep down, you probably also wonder if there really is such thing as a legitimate cash for gold offers.

Here at Southern Resources, we’re not going to dazzle you with glittering dollar signs and we’re not going to dance across your television set in cheap suits. However, we will over you cash for gold. In fact, we’ll offer you cash for all sorts of scrap metals and old electronics. Here’s how it works:

First, you gather up the gold you’re interested in selling. Second, sell scrap gold!  Bring your gold to our shop or schedule a friendly pick-up. Third, receive your cash. That’s it! Additionally, you’ll be happy to know that we’re willing to either match or beat verifiable quotes from any of our competitors within a 50 mile radius.sell scrap gold

As a family owned and operated business, we’re interested in building long term relationships with our customers. Because the best relationships are founded on honesty, we promise to pay you fair and square. So, if you’re interested in our cash for gold program, feel free to contact us today.

First, however, please tell us: Have you ever sold your gold for cash? How would you rate the experience?