Copper RecyclingDo you want to help the environment? Do you need some extra cash? Without much effort or time, you can easily accomplish both. As you take a look around your house or business, there is probably more copper than you know; whether it be the insulated copper wire that surrounds you, broken power equipment, or the stash of bullet shells hidden in your closet.  Now that you know how much scrap copper you have, you should consider recycling it.  Copper recycling equals cash in your pocket.

Copper is one of the main materials recycled and re-purposed. Copper stays essentially the same throughout usage and recycling and is 100 percent recyclable. According to Copper Alliance, about 80 to 85 percent of the copper used today has been recycled at some point. The United States recycles approximately 1.8 million tons of copper each year. By doing so, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and saves energy by up to 90 percent, compared to mining copper ores. Not only does recycling benefit the landscape, atmosphere and animal habitats, it also costs considerably less to process.

In and around your home or business, there is an abundance of copper to be found. The main use of copper is for electrical purposes such as generators, motors and wiring for computers and televisions. However, copper usage goes well beyond these common forms. It is often used to make piping for plumbing, musical instruments, cookware… and probably makes up some of your family’s nick-nacks.Additionally, it is an element in brass, bronze and cupronickel. Therefore, you are essentially sitting on your own personal copper mine. copper

Besides being an excellent way of helping the environment, you can benefit immediately with copper recycling, by earning some cash. You can earn top prices for your copper by working with a company who is knowledgeable, honest, environmentally conscious and will treat you with gratitude, like Southern Resources.  They will even assist you in analyzing unknown alloys so you can get the best possible price every time and they’ll even help you unload your truck when you arrive.

At the end of the day, you can sit back with that extra cash in your pocket and take pride in the fact that you have contributed to making planet earth better. Now that you’ve most likely thought about some items around your house or business, where will your copper recycling adventure begin?