No doubt about it, this is a time where people from all walks of life are looking for ways to make extra cash. Whether it be to pay bills, for shopping or to take a vacation, having additional cash on the side can come in very handy. There are many ways of accumulating funds, but if you are looking for fast cash, metal recycling at a Charlotte recycling center may be the way to go.

Locating Scrap Metal

There is a great variety of scrap metals to be found and most likely you don’t have to travel far to get it. Take for instance the materials you have in your home, backyard or garage. You may have old fencing, broken appliances, unused tools, aluminum cans or outdated computer parts sitting in or around your home.

You can also visit nearby businesses and ask if you can carry their scrap metal away for them. They may not have the time to do so themselves and may appreciate your help.

The scrap metal you collect can then be recycled and with each type you will be paid a different price.

Scrap Metal Prices

The highest paying material is Grade 1 Copper #1, which is bare, un-coated, unalloyed copper wire. This type of copper sells for as much as $3.00 a pound. Brass ismetal recycling also highly priced, paying up to $2.00 per pound. Additionally, you can make some fast cash by recycling aluminum, iron, stainless steel, lead and zinc. It doesn’t take long to load up a pound of scrap metal and you will find that recycling these items can be very profitable.

To ensure that you are paid a fair price for your scrap metal, you can find out the current selling rates online by comparing the local and national prices. By educating yourself about the different metals, their alloys and the selling price, your recycling endeavors will certainly pay off.

When you are ready to recycle your scrap metal, you can go to a Charlotte recycling center who will not only treat you with honesty and respect, but who will also pay you top dollar. When you arrive, they will help you unload, get you paid and on your way. With just a little time and effort, you can make a substantial amount of fast cash. As you look around, what are some items you could recycle today?