Whether you have accumulated it at home or you are engaged in the kind of business that produces a large quantity of scrap metal, you can turn that scrap metal into cash. As for the best scrap metal prices, Charlotte NC commands a high price in the scrap market today. So, if you have junk metal lying around, creating a hazard, or taking up space, you can recycle that metal; converting your trash into cash. With the services of recycling centers, and competitive scrap metal prices, Charlotte, NC offers a lucrative alternative.

Some companies offer pick-up services, if the load is too heavy or you lack a sufficient vehicle to transport it. If you wish to request a quote on scrap metal prices, Charlotte, NC facilities who specialize in recycling will provide you with a quote, so you have an idea of the value of your metal scraps; thereby allowing you to verify that you are getting your best value for your metal. Whats more, you will receive feedback on which items are of value and which ones are not.

Comparing scrap metal prices in Charlotte NC with the national average

In many scrap buying facilities in Charlotte, they can give you the best prices for your scrap metals like steel, aluminum, zinc, lead, iron, copper and brass. In fact, if you compare the national average with their scrap metal prices, Charlotte, NC facilities usually offer higher estimates, based on their weight.

  • The price listed in the national average for aluminum pipes may be 52 cents per pound, but at the recyling centers in Charlotte, they may command a higher price of about 2 cents more.
  • Aluminum cans often run 3 cents higher than the national average price.
  • For old brass and copper, you can get a penny per pound in the national scale while in Charlotte, NC, you are likely to get up to 15 cents more.
  • Pricing for metals such as zinc and lead are not available in the national average, but you can find buyers offering about 28 cents per pound, for these items, in Charlotte.

Is it worth your time to discard scrap metal items?

Aside from freeing up the valuable space that it currently occupies, the removal of a potential health hazard is worth the consideration, alone. Large piles of sharp and heavy metals create a risk for people walking around the area; a liability for you or your company. So, rather than discarding your scraps or leaving them as they are, consider making a profit from your clean-up as you succumb to enticingly competitive scrap metal prices. Charlotte, NC offers the resources and value to make it worth your time.

Whether at home or the work place, debris which is lying around creates an eye sore and a hazard. While discarding the items is not an option, making a profit from your mess is. So, help make your environment green and clean by recycling scrap metal.

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