Recycling is a great way to preserve the environment, as well as make some extra cash. Scrap metal salvage in particular can be a lucrative pursuit if done correctly.

You can obtain metal from many sources. For one, companies have excess materials they accumulate over time and need to recycle. Second, you can find metal in some electronic devices, although in this case sometimes you may have to remove the metal manually. When looking for materials, it is best to familiarize yourself with how much each brings in per pound, as some items like copper can yield a much higher amount.

Since you receive payment by the pound, you will want to find some clients that can provide you with stable work. Again, this is where you will want to research which metals they offer, as copper can go for as as $2.00- $3.00 a pound and can yield much better payouts. You can search through your yellow pages or ask around to find companies in your area that have metal scrap such as manufacturing companies, electricians and mechanics. You can also start smaller by asking your neighbors for their excess metal laying around their house, garage or yard.

If you decide to approach businesses, do so in a professional manner. Bring a flyer or professional letter and explain to them why you are providing this service and how it can benefit them. By having a professional and friendly demeanor, it will be easier to pick up clients.  Ultimately, helping companies dispose of their scrap metal in a responsible manner can be lucrative if you do your research and find the right clients.

What success tips can you share about salvaging scrap metal?