best price tagThe truth of the matter is that, at Southern Resources, scrap metal really does pay – and if you answered yes to either of the above questions, then you should be over the roof. In this day in age, it’s absurd that something so simple can actually pay real money. It’s like magic, really. One moment you’re holding a pile of junk that you probably couldn’t even pawn off onto your least intelligent neighbor, and the next moment it’s cash in your wallet. However, before you run off to hop the next flight to Vegas, take some time to consider a few more tips on how to get paid the best scrap metal prices.

  1. Sort your metal. Separate copper wires and sort each type of metal into a different designated pile. For easy transportation, put your metal scraps into containers as you sort. By pre-sorting, you will be guaranteed to be paid the best for each piece. Failing to sort may mean missing some very key metals.
  2. Clean the metal. If you toss us a pile of rusty, tetanus-riddled junk then you probably won’t get as much as if you were to clean the metal and separate metals from nonmetal or dissimilar metal attachments.
  3.  Know the alloy designation number. Every metal alloy has it’s own special designation number for easy classification. By knowing the designation number, you save us time and effort – and this translate into higher scrap metal prices.

Finally, get yourself together and get down to Southern Resources. We’ll pay you fast and we’ll pay you fair. Not to mention, we treat each and every customer with honesty and respect. If you’re looking to turn trash into cash – we have just the answer.

What sorts of scrap metal do you have lying around?