It’s no secret that recycling scrap metal can be a profitable sideline for those who have learned how to turn unwanted ‘junk’ into cash and in Charlotte, there are a number of scrap metal dealers that are willing and able to help you do your part.  It’s a great way to put some money in your pocket while, at the same time, clean up your environment and lessen the load that’s being stuffed into the local landfills.

Finding scrap metal to sell isn’t too difficult and, for some, may be as easy as looking around your property for stuff that’s just been lying around taking up space and maybe even creating an eyesore that the wife has been after you to get rid of for years.  It could be an old washing machine or refrigerator, a rusty bicycle or old junk car parts.  Maybe a whole car has been sitting there rusting away and, while you’ve meant to do something about it you weren’t crazy about forking out the dough to have someone come tow it away.  How about selling it for scrap?  Rather than having to pay someone to come and do your dirty work, you can have them come get it and actually pay you for the pleasure of watching it go down the road one final time.

Of the many scrap metal Charlotte operations doing business today, there’s really only one company to consider and they’re called Southern Resources, located at 3826 Raleigh St.  Here are just a few reasons why they are considered to be the number one scrap metal recycler in Charlotte:

  • Centrally located, family owned and operated
  • Accepts any form and quantity of all base metals, precious metals and electronics
  • Has the best scrap metal prices and even advertises competitors’ rates
  • Employees will help unload your scrap, no appointment necessary.  Better yet, call ahead and they may pick up at your location
  • All employees hired for their friendly personalities and a willingness to treat clients with honesty and respect
  • Southern Resources is happy to educate you on ways to be a profitable and successful scrap metal seller

The key to getting the best prices for scrap metal in Charlotte (or anywhere else, for that matter) is to deal with the most honest, knowledgeable and up-front scrap metal dealer that also happens to guarantee the best rates out there.  In the Carolina’s, that company is Southern Resources.  Why go anywhere else?