Junk metal prices are at an all time high price compared to any other time in history and there is lots of cash for metal to be made. Salvage yards and junkyards are always paying money to those who are bold enough to move into the scrap metal trading business. While picking up junk metal may not seem to be a lucrative initiative, collecting enough may land you some hefty profits. Like any other business, strategy is key. You have to know the best time to recycle for the best junk metal prices and where to look for the most valuable junk metal. What better time to do some research than when scrap metal prices are so high?

These tips come in handy to make more from your junk metals:

  • Check with your local recycling center to find out current junk metal prices and settle for the one that offers the highest prices. Get prices for the metals that you have at hand and don’t rely on older rates because these prices are always changing.
  • Separate metals can be more valuable, so have them weighed and priced separately. If you don’t do this, the whole lot will be categorized as general metal and thus the prices will be lower.
  • If you are dealing with cars, first check to make sure the scrap metal recycler accepts cars.  Then, make sure to bring titles for those not more than 10 years old. Older vehicles are acceptable even without the titles.
  • Old tools and junk cars may be obvious sources for your metal but if you are hoping for higher junk metal prices, then you need to get more creative. Think in terms of bedding frames, cooking pots and pans, old gutters, boats, porch furniture, old appliances and generally look in places where other junk collectors will not think to look.
  • Be attentive when your cars and junk lots are being weighed to avoid having a lesser weight than it really is, on your ticket. With so many truckloads being processed at recycling centers, it is not impossible for some of your junk weight to end up on someone else’s ticket.

There is currently a big boom in the junk metal business and with the good junk metal prices, anytime is a good time to recycle.