Metal recycling has increased over time as going green has become ever more popular. By knowing the differences between the various metal recycling rates, you can learn which metal will make you the most money. While gathering heavy weight metal such as steel and iron may bring you a good amount of money, some other more valuable metal may bring you more, in lesser quantities. As junk metal recycling rates are based on demand of the base metal of the scrap, scrap metal values vary.

What are some recognizable differences between metal? Some differences can be determined by estimating weight, analyzing color and characteristics, and where they are typically found. For example, aluminum is silver, very lightweight, and is most often used for storm doors, rain gutters, and soda cans. Copper is brownish-red and most often found in plumbing. Iron is very heavy, is magnetic and rusts easily.

Recycling common metal such as steel, and iron can help you earn a decent amount of money as will recycling rarely found types of metal including chromium and tungsten. The problem is that rare metal is often hard to come by, as it is rarely found as scrap. Regardless, if you happen to have a good amount of any metal that you want to recycle, then look for a local scrap metal dealer, such as Southern Resources, and inquire about their storage and pick-up services, as well as their current metal recycling rates.

Other types of metal to consider are:

Brass which is medium weight and can be found on door knobs and sink drains

Bronze which is often found in water fittings and fire hose couplings

Stainless steel  which is used on hub caps, car parts, range covers, and even beer kegs

Magnesium which is a flammable metal that is lightweight and silver colored

By accumulating all of this metal for recycling, you will likely earn a hefty amount of money; depending on the amount you gather. By learning which metal is most valuable to scrap metal dealers, you can be more certain of the value of the scrap metal you collect.

In an ever changing market with constant fluctuations in economic trends, metal recycling rates, too, will vary. Its worth your while to develop an ongoing relationship with a trusted recycling facility, so that you may be kept current on such changes.

Have you asked yourself, Whats my scrap metal worth? If so, Southern Resources can help.