Recycling in Charlotte, NC becomes more important every day. It not only benefits the economy by providing more jobs for the community, but it helps improve the environment. It has become a part of our every day lives to recycle cans, newspapers, and plastics, but have you thought about recycling metal? By recycling scrap metal you will help not only the environment and create jobs, but you will help save energy, conserve natural resources, and decrease carbon emissions. You can also receive money for your scrap metal. Therefore, think green while keeping green $$ in your wallet.

What do you know about scrap metal? Scrap metal can include iron, steel, copper, aluminum, lead, zinc and more. Some metals are worth more than others, but every type of metal is worth recycling.

Did you know that you can also recycle your electronics?  Many companies and individuals have old computers they want to get rid of and they just throw them away when they should have recycled them. Companies and corporations can also do their part in improving their community by recycling scrap metal and electronics. So before you decide to throw out an old cd player, computer, or printer, consider taking it to get recycled and you will be happy that you did.

Consider recycling. Think Green. Act Locally

Do you have any scrap metal lying around or old electronics that you were thinking of throwing out?  Will you choose to recycle?