If you have a garage or backyard full of metallic odds-and-ends like scrap cable and other types of scrap metal, you could be sitting on something that’s actually far more valuable than the rest of your trash. Especially in this slow economic climate, the extra money you can earn from stuff you gave up on long ago could come in handy, as well as making a positive impact on the environment. This is because there are scrap metal recyclers who will buy your old and discarded metal, regardless of type.

If you’re wondering about scrap metal prices, then you should know that metal prices vary depending where you sell and a little legwork on the internet performing searches can yield lucrative differences. Regardless of any especially good deals you might expect to come across, there are some general rules that hold fast across the board, and they all center on the grade of the metal. No matter what your scrap metal was used for in its previous working lifetime, the metallic components will determine the price variation. It can have very hard carbide alloys, zinc coating used to fight off rust, or any of the more common metals like iron and steel. Even loose wire can make quite a bundle if you have enough of it; which is always a better alternative than leaving it lying around where it has been for however-many years now.

As a final tip, look for companies that buy scrap cable who have a track record of customer service, so that you can ensure you’re getting a competitive price for your wares. Even though the prices are generally set, they do undergo periodic shifts, and it would be great if you could happen upon a week when scrap cable is selling for more than the average. For obvious reasons, the closer the company is to you, the better, because only some scrap dealers will come by and pick up your scrap. It isn’t often you get the chance to be environmentally conscious while also making easy money, and scrap-buying companies give you a wonderful opportunity to do this.