Are you being paid a fair price for your scrap metal?  Honestly, sometimes it’s hard to know.  That’s why you need to do business with a company you can trust.  You can trust Southern Resources.  We are metal recycling specialists, but more than that, we are a family.  Southern Resources is family owned and family operated, and we stand behind our family name.

This is not one of your typical scrap metal companies.  We care about you, the customer,  as well as the environment.  We had the customer in mind when we scheduled our operating hours.  We are conveniently open to the public six days a week, including every holiday except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.  When you need to make a drop off or schedule a pick up, we want to be ready and able to assist you.  If you decide to drop off your scrap metal, we will gladly assist you in the unloading, or, you may choose from one of our many container pick-up services.

Scrap Metal Companies like Southern Resources take pride in being honest, fair, and efficient.  But, don’t take our word for it, do the research and see for yourself that we are a great company, with exemplary services and more than fair prices.  We encourage you to check the surrounding area for competitive prices.  In addition, we use certified scrap metal scales to weigh your crap metals.  Our scales give accurate readouts, which makes our prices fair and payment transactions quick.

Our Scrap Metal Company, accepts and recycles 33 different base metals, as well as electronics. Recycling is not only good for our customers, it is also good for our planet.  Therefore, we enjoy doing business with individuals as well as businesses.  There is no business too small or too large.  We value each and every customer.