When you hear the term “scrap metal,” you probably begin conjuring up images of old aircrafts, automobile parts and waste from construction. You may assume that you have absolutely no scrap metal around your home or business, but don’t speak too soon. Scraps come in many forms – from soda or beer cans and old metal furniture to the tangles of wires and cables that have been littering the corner of your garage for the better part of a decade. To you this sounds like a heap of trash, but isn’t that exactly what scrap is after all?

For most people, these scraps have been collecting dust in basements and utility closets for years. Eventually, someone may haul this junk to the nearest dump where it can collect dust for many more years and simultaneously pollute the earth. Instead of contributing to our planet’s already precarious trash situation, why not recycle? In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, recycling your scrap metal can also earn you a pretty penny. Not a bad reward for tossing some old junk, eh?

We’re strong believers in being rewarded for doing good. That’s why we offer our customers great incentives for choosing to recycle. In addition to paying you for your old scraps, we also hold community fundraisers and contests for exciting prizes. Bring us your metal trash, and discover how great it feels to recycle.

What will you do with all of your free space after you get rid of your old scraps?