Look, no one needs to tell you that times are tough right now. Unless you’re extremely fortunate, you’re Scrap Gold And Silverprobably looking for any opportunity you can find to make a bit of extra money, whether it’s to cover rent, pay back student loans, or to afford medical expenses. The good news is, if you have any scrap gold and silver lying around, this can be easily turned into cash in just minutes. Not to mention get the best prices for scrap gold and silver.

Gold prices continue to be sky-high, and silver is doing quite well too. In down economic times, wealthier buyers like to put money into precious metals, but that means more cash for you if you have scrap gold or silver on hand to sell.

What Do You Mean By Scrap Gold And Silver?

“Scrap” gold and silver doesn’t just refer to broken pieces. Just about any gold or silver you might have, from minted coins to heirloom pieces to, yes, broken jewelry or watches, can be sold for around 60%-80% of the value of its metal content.

While you might not get as much as the piece was worth originally, it’s a lot quicker and easier than trying to pawn or eBay each piece separately.

Finding a Reputable Scrap Gold And Silver Buyer

The biggest difficulty you may find in trying to sell your gold or silver is finding a buyer you can trust. Television and the Internet have recently been flooded with advertisements from firms like Cash4Gold and GoldPaq, encouraging you to mail your gold off to them in return for a check.scrap gold

Here are just a few reasons this is a bad idea:

You’re losing possession of your gold and silver for days or weeks, trusting that it will be handled properly.

Lost mail and mail fraud happen. In some areas, thieves will even check mailboxes for parcels from these companies.

Some reports on payouts from these companies suggest that they pay well below fair market rates.

However, there’s a better alternative: you can get your cash all at once, with just a quick drive to Charlotte’s art district, without the hassle of mailing it off to a questionable company advertising on TV. If you don’t like the offer, you can drive off with your precious metals in hand, and try somewhere else.

After all, if you need money, why would you hang onto precious metals when you can put them to better use?