In today’s ailing economy it is sometimes difficult to make ends meet.  You try as hard as you can, but the Stainless Steel Priceburden of economic pressure can sometimes way you down.  Yet there may be a way to add a little to your pocket book and help the environment in the process by the practice of recycling.  Many people when they have old refrigerators or other appliances that are no longer in working order will let them sit around in the back yard not realizing there is money in scrap metal.  Stainless steel can be found in everything from cutlery, to major appliances, to industrial equipment, and even as construction material in large buildings.  And stainless steel is one hundred percent recyclable which is a plus to those looking to boost their income.  But what about stainless steel price?  How much can you get for your stainless steel scrap metal?

How does nickel and chrome content determine the best stainless steel price?

Nickel is an invaluable component in stainless steel because it stabilizes it, making it stronger and less brittle as well as virtually non-magnetic.  The chromium content of stainless steel is what prevents rust and corrosion, allowing the steel to retain its luster and making it advantageous over carbon steel and increasing its value tenfold.

What is the overall value of stainless steel?

As in all things in today’s world the economic value of stainless steel is subject to change from time to time, but the average stainless steel price in America today is about 0.45 per pound which is an attractive price for those who didn’t think they were going to get anything for their scrap metal.

Steel is a valuable constructional and architectural component in a large number of things, and the nickel and chrome content in stainless steel serves to increase its value, making it much sought after as a recyclable material for both buyer and seller.