Selling scrap metal can be very profitable, especially if you do your research first. Each type of scrap metal you take to a scrap yard sells for a different price. When you know what the current scrap metal prices are, not only can you look for higher paying material, but you can also be certain that you will get paid what you deserve.

Earning a Fair Price

If you have taken the time and effort required to collect scrap metal, you will want to be paid fairly. Not all facilities may be open about the current scrap metal prices. They can easily take advantage of someone who has not educated themselves prior to the sell. However, you don’t have to be an unsuspecting customer. If you take the time to learn what the current prices are, you can walk into a recycling facility with confidence and your head held high. You can then walk out with fair dollar in your pocket.

Specific Metal Rates

By knowing the current scrap metal prices, you can seek out the higher paying types. For example, the national rate for insulated copper wire is approximately $1.40 per pound. For Grade #1 Copper the national selling price can be up to $3.00 a pound. Collecting this higher paying material can result in taking home some serious cash. It doesn’t take long to accumulate a pound, so don’t forget the other materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, which you can also profit from.

Time to Sell

When you decide that it is time to sell, you will want to go to a reputable company who will pay you top dollar for your scrap metal. You can go to an honest company, who believes in transparency in the going rates of scrap metal. When researching current scrap metal prices, Southern Resources makes it easy for you. With the click of a mouse, you can easily compare national and local scrap metal prices side by side. Using this information, you can rest assured knowing that you will get paid the best price for your material.

As you can see, educating yourself with the current scrap metal prices will definitely pay off. You will earn top dollar and better yet, you will be treated with honesty and respect.  After a long day of work, you can walk away knowing that you have been paid fair market value for your scrap metal. Where will you invest your hard earned cash?