Scrap metal recycling is an industry that is rapidly growing in the United States, in general, and in Charlotte in particular. The scrap metal industry exports up to $21 billion worth of scrap metal annually. The industry is booming thanks to the widespread change in recycling trends and lifestyles.

Scrap metal prices are subject to constant change due to a variety of factors in the global economy. Factors such as quality of metal, type of metal and even the geographic location, all contribute to the ever changing scrap metal prices. Charlotte NC is also subject to the very same factors that cause fluctuating scrap metal prices. The business of “Scrapping”, however, is continuously on the rise, despite these uncertainties. What started out as a hobby for most has now turned into a lucrative business venture, due to the recent emphasis on recycling.

The price of scrap metal is ever increasing and has gone up five times in the last five years. When once it used to be easy to locate good quality scrap metal in most locales, the fervour with which it has caught on has made it relatively hard to find large quantities of scrap metal these days. In fact, the scrap metal prices are rising so much and so quickly that professional scrapping businesses have had to beef up security to prevent the thefts that this price rise has triggered.

It is not easy to predict scrap metal prices. Charlotte NC still faces the uncertainty of these fluctuations. Futures trading is a major contributor to this rise and fall of prices and for you to have a close enough idea about the market, the price trends in the industry need to be closely monitored.

Once you have familiarized yourself with market trends and price fluctuations, it is a matter of collecting as much scrap as possible and finding the right kind of scrap yard to give you the right price. By finding a scrap metal company such as Southern Resources, you can rest assured that you are getting the most current and competitive price for your scrap metal.

Wouldn’t you like to be reassured that you’re getting top dollar for your scrap metal?